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Webinar: Mediation for the Modern Workplace – a time for change

Date: 14/11/2018 Start: 11.00 End: 11.45 Cost: No charge Location: Online I am pleased to invite you, in conjunction with Boyes Turner’s Employment Law team to join us for a webinar on mediation for the modern workplace and the benefits for your organisation in approaching conflict management differently. Current grievance and disciplinary management tools may […]

Mediation in the Modern Workplace Seminar

Mediation in the Modern Workplace Seminar was organised by Hexagon Mediation on Tuesday, 9th October from 6.00pm.- 8.00pm at the Boardroom of Laytons, London Bridge, London. (The photo is of the view from the boardroom that evening). Part of Mediation Awareness Week, Hexagon’s seminar  was hosted by a panel that comprised fellow founding members of […]

One of my favourite Christmas gifts – New Year 2018 video

To see one of my favourite Christmas gifts  – a video made by a grateful client promoting my mediation practice – click here. Thank you to all my case referrers and parties who appointed me last year. I look forward to working with you and those you might recommend me to this year.

Anglo German approaches to Mediation – why so different?

The UK is still in the EU alongside Germany, yet recently I was surprised when working with a German accredited Mediator how practices and techniques differ greatly between our two countries. Lack of awareness of these differences could easily give rise to loss of trust in the process or the other party.   First, in […]

Successfully Mediating Family Business Disputes Webinar

Family business disputes are a sensitive area, and mediation can resolve disputes without the difficulties associated with going to court or arbitration. We had a large turnout for my recent webinar which discussed: the reasons for using mediation to resolve family business disputes, how to prepare for such a mediation and how to measure success. […]

Top Tips on Mediation – What is the Price of Peace?

Everyone has a price at which they are willing to settle a dispute. One of the key things for an adviser to consider with their client before and at a mediation is “What is my price for peace, and what is the other party’s price for peace?” Certainly this is what a good mediator will […]

What does it take to close a deal?

Mediation is all about making a deal. Usually some time in the late morning or early afternoon offers and counter offers start to flow and the Mediator may find themselves caught in rooms where “last and final offer” and “nothing more to give” are phrases that are bandied about zealously. A good Mediator will exercise […]

Can “May” Arbitrate mean “Must” Arbitrate?

Can “may” arbitrate mean “must” arbitrate? Agreeing in a contract how you are going to resolve any dispute is a key part of risk management for any business. After all, when things have gone pear shaped, people will start to argue about everything, including the dispute resolution clause itself, if they can. This is just […]