Cases Recently Mediated:

Finance Agreement

Insurance (multi-party high value)

Partnership/ Workplace architect and environmental advice business

Consumer Complaint against manufacturer with recourse to insurance

Hotel Franchise Agreement Franchisor/Franchisee

International sale of consumable Goods and return of specialist packaging (high value)

Breach of Directors’ duties

Finance Agreement between business and private partners

Claim under Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 (six parties)

Dispute between Care Home and resident’s family regarding fees

Professional Fees Barrister and Solicitor

Contentious Probate and Inheritance of Family Business (step families)

International intra-family loan (high value)

Partnership and Intellectual Property Dispute (multi party)

Family property dispute (Inter-generational cross-cultural)

Defective goods and services in construction contract

International Timeshares dispute (multi-party, high value)

Landlord and Tenant dispute (multi-cultural issues)

Family Property Development Business dispute

Workplace / agency conflict regarding remuneration, business plans and stress at work issues

Professional negligence and recovery of fees accountants and clients

Claim for dividends, diverting business, shareholders dispute and professional negligence (multi-party)

Complaint of misconduct against high profile professional

Division of personal and joint business assets (same sex partners)