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What does it take to be a good Mediation Advocate?

Litigation solicitors and barristers, how can you be a good mediation advocate? Some might say that you’ve either got it or you haven’t – but I believe that mediation advocacy skills can be developed and honed. Go beyond the legal position Going into a mediation with a client is about seeing the negotiation from more […]

Webinar: Managing Organisational Risk

A free webinar hosted by Rebecca Attree and our managing director Andy Davis. The current pandemic has posed many new challenges for business including those that are operational, financial, and contractual in nature. Business operations across the globe will have to change and adapt to the ‘new normal’ in whatever shape that presents itself as we exit the […]

Webinar: Simulated mediation

Free online webinar. Like many people, the working life of a dispute lawyer has been turned upside down in the last few months. Long-established ways of working have been disrupted, and early indications are that many disputes have gone into hibernation as a consequence. There is a likelihood that it will be a significant period […]

Webinar: Resolving disputes in the New Normal

We’re proud to be working with Rebecca Attree, Nancy Radford and Jonathan Lux to provide a remote mediation simulation. About this Event Join our expert panel as they show you how a remote mediation should be facilitated. The panel is led by Rebecca Attree, who designed online mediation training for a leading training provider. Rebecca […]

Online Mediation – The New Frontier for Dispute Resolution.

FAQs How does online mediation differ from face to face? It’s quicker to set up, cheaper (no venue or travel costs) and takes less time (no travel). Do solicitors, barristers and parties all need to be together? Absolutely not. Advisers and their client(s) can all be assigned to one “breakout room” where they can talk […]

Business as (nearly) usual – experience online mediation

I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well in the current situation. I have seen an upsurge in online mediations – using both Zoom and the telephone. If you’d like a short experience of how Online Dispute Mediation works take a look at this 8 min video made back in 2013 when I was […]

Coronavirus restricts travel and face to face meetings – a surge in Online and Telephone Mediations?

The Coronavirus has severely impacted international travel and world trade. Many people have cancelled trips overseas, especially to the Far East and companies are enforcing policies restricting travel. In these challenging times when face to face meetings cannot take place the use of video conferencing and the good old-fashioned telephone become ever more important to […]