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Libralex Art Law Conference 2023

I’m honoured to have convened the 3rd Libralex Art Law Conference on 18 May 2023 at Christie’s Education during London International Disputes Week. Many thanks to all our esteemed friends, colleagues, speakers, sponsors and guests from worldwide for such an engaging afternoon. The packed room positively buzzed and the conversations carried on long after! We […]

ADR A Brief International Guide

Wondering where to mediate or arbitrate an international dispute? Help is at hand with this International Guide on current practice in many jurisdictions of Europe and beyond. This newly updated version identifies and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of ADR processes in each jurisdiction. With contributions from current practitioners in Libralex, an international network of law firms, […]

The Singapore Convention on Mediation: what next?

The UK is to become a party to the Singapore Convention on Mediation — what does this mean? Henrietta Jackson-Stops & Rebecca Attree set out next steps & implications in this article which was first published in the New Law Journal on 21 April 2023.

Shareholder and partnership disputes are on the rise

..And, so is mediation of them. In this article, Rebecca Attree of IPOS Mediation explains why. Shareholder and partnership disputes have always been prevalent, and now I am experiencing that they are increasing. A combination of the “post pandemic fall out” and the struggling economy mean shareholders and partners of ailing businesses are finding it […]

Managing Conflict Workplace Mediation for HR professionals

Introduction There has been a significant increase in the last two years in claims brought by and against employees resulting from conflicts in the workplace. This has been partly due to the waiving of fees for bringing claims, and a culture of people speaking up for their rights, as shown for example by the #metoo […]

Can the law keep up with technology? Artificial Intelligence (AI): Proposed European Union (EU) product liability rules

  The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology leaves us to question whether the English Civil Liability rules of contractual, and extra-contractual liability for loss and damage caused by AI, are fit for purpose. The EU has taken the game of AI liability into its own territory with its proposed laws on both product […]

When is the right time to mediate?

Is it too early to mediate? Many cases I mediate don’t have any proceedings pending therefore little time and money has so far been invested in pursuing the claim. The result of that is people are less invested in the litigation process and they’ve got a more open mind about how a settlement will look. […]