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What does it take to close a deal?

Mediation is all about making a deal. Usually some time in the late morning or early afternoon offers and counter offers start to flow and the Mediator may find themselves caught in rooms where “last and final offer” and “nothing more to give” are phrases that are bandied about zealously. A good Mediator will exercise […]

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Breaking news: Prince Andrew’s lawyers are poised on a knife edge, about to ask a US court that Virginia Giuffre’s civil case against him for allegedly sexually assaulting her 20 years ago should be dismissed. They are seeking to argue that the settlement agreement she entered in to with Jeffrey Epstein […]

Why mediation makes coffee taste better!

IPOS recently hosted a webinar entitled ‘Does mediation present a golden opportunity for lawyers?’ Mediators Andrew Miller QC and Rebecca Attree gave some useful – and surprising – answers. How do I encourage my client – and the other side – to mediate? Andrew Miller: When I have my preliminary discussions with the parties I […]

Blended mediation – why we’re building back better

Before Covid-19, in-person mediation was the norm. Then came the pandemic and remote mediation moved into pole position. Now, as lockdown restrictions start to ease there’s an opportunity for a blended approach that offers the best of both worlds. We know that in-person mediation works. And we know that remote mediation works. So why not […]

Rebecca Attree has been appointed as a Visiting Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Trento, Italy.

She gave her inaugural lecture entitled “Resolving Disputes in the UK and Internationally – the Art and the Science” in April 2021 online to more than 100 students. The lecture was part of the Dispute Resolution Mechanisms Module for Undergraduates in Law and was introduced by Prof. Silvana della Bonta. Rebecca speaks fluent Italian, but […]

What is the price for peace?

It’s a question that a good mediator will explore before and during mediation. And it’s a question that legal advisors should consider, too. What is your client’s price of peace – and what is the opposing side’s price of peace? The ‘price’ may be purely monetary, and calculations will take into account the cost of […]

Book Review: Edited by Prof Silvana Dalla Bonta

Le parti in mediazione: strumenti e tecniche. Dall’esperienza pratica alla costruzione di un metodo. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Faculty at the University of Law in Trento and in particular the innovative Conflict Managers of Tomorrow Project, pioneered by Prof. Silvana Dalla Bonta. As part of this collaboration I have had […]

What does it take to be a good Mediation Advocate?

Litigation solicitors and barristers, how can you be a good mediation advocate? Some might say that you’ve either got it or you haven’t – but I believe that mediation advocacy skills can be developed and honed. Go beyond the legal position Going into a mediation with a client is about seeing the negotiation from more […]