Rebecca Attree

Managing Conflict Workplace Mediation for HR professionals


There has been a significant increase in the last two years in claims brought by and against employees resulting from conflicts in the workplace. This has been partly due to the waiving of fees for bringing claims, and a culture of people speaking up for their rights, as shown for example by the #metoo phenomenon.

Dealing with workplace conflicts often involves sensitive issues and excellent communication and mediation skills are necessary to facilitate a satisfactory outcome.

The webinar considers mediation in the workplace and will give tips on how to navigate this complex arena where emotions may run high, and how to have those difficult conversations.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

Which conflicts at work are suitable for mediation?
When is mediation not appropriate?
Can an internal HR professional mediate internal disputes?
How does confidentiality work in theory and in practice?
How can you and participants prepare for workplace mediation?
How does the process work?
How does workplace mediation fit into the more formal management procedures?
Should lawyers be involved?
Can a mediation settlement agreement effectively be a ‘gagging order’?
How do GDPR, privilege and ‘without prejudice’ rules apply to workplace mediation?
How does a workplace mediation scheme work and what are its benefits?
This webinar was recorded on 8th March 2019

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