Mediation in the Modern Workplace Seminar

Mediation in the Modern Workplace Seminar was organised by Hexagon Mediation on Tuesday, 9th October from 6.00pm.- 8.00pm at the Boardroom of Laytons, London Bridge, London. (The photo is of the view from the boardroom that evening).

Part of Mediation Awareness Week, Hexagon’s seminar  was hosted by a panel that comprised fellow founding members of Hexagon Mediation Michael Farrier, Stephen Walker and myself.

Our intention was to raise further awareness of the increasing appeal of mediation in the modern workplace as an alternative, or additional method of resolving employee relations-based conflicts. The session sought to challenge delegates to try a different approach to conflict management when next faced with a grievance or disciplinary issue that may be appropriate for mediation.

We gave insights as workplace mediators into our own experiences of businesses that have embraced the principles and practices of workplace mediation. We compared workplace mediation to other forms of mediation and explained how many aspects of each of the processes overlap. Workplace mediation blends private caucuses and joint meetings and can be with or without lawyers present.

The seminar was warmly welcomed by the audience which included other practising workplace mediators, HR professionals, HR leaders, in-house counsel and lawyers, and civil and commercial mediators who have all had experiences of internal conflict management. Finance managers interested in reducing conflict costs also found this topic of interest.

There followed a lively debate about how workplace mediation can and should be integrated into the culture of businesses, schools and charities.

Thank you to all those who attended and your kind feedback.