Inaugural lecture by Rebecca Attree

Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Trento, Italy delivered online in English on 15 April 2021: Resolving International Disputes by Mediation – The Art and the Science.

Scientific Coordinator: Silvana Dalla Bontà (University of Trento).

Rebecca Attree Webinar

Enforcing Judgments, Arbitral Awards and Mediated Settlement Agreements Internationally post Brexit.

Rebecca Attree and IPOS.

Four videos:

Price for Peace.

Mediation can reach the parts other DR methods cannot.

Confidentiality is key.

Why Mediate with Rebecca?

International Mediation Awareness Week

Rebecca tells us why IMAW and mediation are so important and why she is proud to be involved.

IMAW An Interview with Rebecca Attree: Mediating in an Uncertain World

How to build effective communication skills.

A series of 6 short videos explaining the six steps of the Empathy Staircase.

In these exceptional circumstances excellent communication skills are vital. These 6 short (max 3 minute) videos explain the key techniques used by international negotiators. Enjoy!

Day 1: Are you really listening?

Day 2: How to vocalise understanding

Day 3: The secret to understanding what is important to someone

Day 4: How to vocalise your emotions in a dispute

Day 5: How to figure out someone else’s desires

Day 6: How to truly connect with someone

Why mediate with Rebecca?