Webinar: Managing Organisational Risk

A free webinar hosted by Rebecca Attree and our managing director Andy Davis.

The current pandemic has posed many new challenges for business including those that are operational, financial, and contractual in nature. Business operations across the globe will have to change and adapt to the ‘new normal’ in whatever shape that presents itself as we exit the current lockdown and restrictions that has brought.

There is a need to identify broader organisational risks in a way that is more than just a health and safety checklist (although that is extremely important) and establish pragmatic ways of managing them. This will include the need to review organisational governance, operational practises, means of delivering services or products and how we meet our duty of care to staff, visitors and customers alike. As a result of these changes and reviews there is a need to have constructive conversations with employees about any new working arrangements and the part that they play in organisational recovery.

This webinar helps the attendees understand the different risks that should be considered by organisations as they plan for the future and successful recovery from the pandemic. It provides guidance on proactive steps that can be taken to reduce their organisational risk exposure and take advantage of new opportunities that may present themselves. The webinar offers pragmatic and sensible options that the attendees can use as helpful takeaways that take account of best practices in the UK and internationally. Time has been factored in to allow for questions and discussions at the end.

You can watch our ‘Managing Organisational Recovery from COVID-19’ Talk here.

About the Hosts

Rebecca is an experienced civil, commercial, and workplace mediator ranked as a Leading Mediator in Legal 500 UK 2019 and as a Leading Individual in Chambers & Partners Mediators rankings. For over 25 years she has assisted businesses and individuals to resolve disputes and reach agreements. She helps parties find successful long-term solutions to complex disputes, without the cost of going to court or arbitration. Her main sectors of expertise are mediating commercial contracts, workplace disputes,aviation, property, construction and family office. She is fully accredited to mediate in the UK, the US, and online, and has considerable experience of international disputes.

Andy has been directly involved in security, risk and crisis management activities since 1987. He holds a Master’s of Science (MSc.) degree from the University of Leicester in Security and Risk Management, is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP) and a Fellow of the Security Institute (FSyI). He is also board certified in the USA as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) He has developed and delivered security risk management services for clients in over 40 countries including Uganda, Colombia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Russia and has provided responses to environmental, political and conflict crisis’s around the world. His expertise is often called upon to provide sensible and pragmatic solutions to complex situations.

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